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Volunteer Movement Service Opportunities Platform

The “Service Opportunities” platform on this website allows Volunteer Movement Participating Organisations (VMPOs) to upload various volunteer service/volunteer training activities that will be held to recruit suitable volunteers.

Regardless of whether you are a volunteer under a VMPO or an individual volunteer of the Volunteer Movement, you can enroll to participate in the volunteer service/volunteer training activities being posted on the Service Opportunities” platform. However, you must first register as a registered user (individual user) on this website before enrollment. For online user registration, please click here

Both VMPO and individual volunteer should take caution when using the "Service Opportunities" platform for recruitment of volunteers and enrollment of volunteer service/training activities. They should understand and agree that access to any content, data, and communications, or participation of gathering /volunteer service activities during the use of the “Service Opportunities” platform is subject to their own decisions and is between the two parties’ contact. The Web administrator has requested that the information provided by the VMPO uploading "Service Opportunities" be accurate, but it will not assume any responsibility for any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations.

If you agree to the above information and arrangements, you can click on the below link and go to the Search Service Opportunities page to find your suitable volunteer activities