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Volunteer Work is a kind of social service contributed by someone who devotes his time and energy not for material rewards in return but to make our society a better place to live

Participation in Volunteer Work is a manifestation of human equality, mutual love and learning an expression of love, care and sharing a fulfilment of civic responsibility and contribution to the society

Volunteer Work is Multi-faceted and interesting. All are welcome to join. It covers:

Clerical work: e.g. Typing, classification of documents, library service, translation, computer operation etc.
Coaching: Assist in language, music and sports training programmes
Recreational activities: Providing recreational activities for different types of service users
Escorting service: Caring and escorting services for the disabled, neglected children and fragile elderly
Visiting: Visits to neglected patients, elderly, children, disabled at hospital or at home
Improvement works: Improving the environment of the community and helping the needy with home furnishing and cleaning
Making company: Playing Big Brother or Big Sister to guide children and teens, Playing Big Brother or Big Sister to guide children and teens, or making friends with and caring for the needy, so as to help them integrate into the society and boost their confidence
Homework tutoring: Helping students with their homework
Academic work: Assisting organizations in collecting and processing information and conducting general research work
Art and design: Designing posters, leaflets or other art works for organizations' publicity campaigns and publishing activities
Contact / reception work: Helping organizations in liaison and reception tasks
Organizing functions: Assisting in planning and organizing functions such as gala evenings, fun fairs or volunteer work programmes
Professional assistance: Helping service users and organizations improve service provision based on their own professional skills, in fields of medical, rehabilitation, software programming, audio-visual production etc.
Management: Acting as member of management committees in organizations, participate in general administration and executive planning to improve the operation of the organization
Environmental protection: Weeding, planting trees, environmental greening, cleaning beaches, promoting environmental protection etc.

The above list is by no means exhaustive... Suggestions are always welcome!

Afraid of committing into Volunteer Work? Fear of disrupting normal schedule?

You can fix your own timetable available for Volunteer Work

It won't occupy all your time

Participation in Volunteer Work makes your life more meaningful

There is no disadvantage at all

Are you willing to...
devote your time and energy,
not for material rewards in return,
but to make our society a better place to live?

If your answer is "YES I DO" (cross your heart!)


Volunteers are ...

To service users - a carer, sharer, friend, helper
To service units - a partner, bridge, server, pioneer
To the community at large - a builder, social educationalist, renovator

As a volunteer, you've got to

have a heart for care and concern and a sense of equality be friendly and enthusiastic understand the needs of service users compassionately understand and respect the relationship with service users, their privacy and autonomy know your service unit, their mission and values be responsible and committed to your duties be keen to learn by yourself and apply what you've learnt be prepared to give constructive ideas on service improvement