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Welcome to register as Volunteer in Volunteer Movement Website.

Before registration, you may like to note that many social welfare service centres, community organizations, educations setting and medical setting in your community are eager to have your assistance. You are welcome to approach them direct to explore on the service opportunities.

If you are interested to have more information on those Volunteer Movement Participating Organizations, you may click here to browse their list and respective website.

You may also click here to visit the service opportunities post up in this website and contact the service organizer direct if interested. Anyhow, if you wish to register as the volunteer of our District Designated Office on Volunteer Service of the Social Welfare Department, please click the Continue button of the Individual Volunteer On-line Registration in the below.

Your personal information provided in this website will be strictly used for volunteer registration and follow-up contact only.

Please click "CONTINUE" to complete the registration form.

Individual Volunteer On-line Registration Continue
Organisation Initial Registration Continue(Contacted information is collected and you will be contacted to complete the registration)
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