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Job Shadowing Programme

Since 2013, the Sub-committee on Promotion of Corporate Volunteering through the joint effort of Sham Shui Po District Social Welfare Office, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and some NGOs in Sham Shui Po has organised the Job Shadowing Programme with a view to promoting the theme of “Level 3 Volunteering” to the corporates, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Through the mentorship programme, professionals, corporate management and entrepreneurs share their life experience to inspire the youngsters on their career development and life directions.  It also provides an opportunity for the working adults to participate in volunteering while at work and integrate volunteering into their life.

Normally, the Programme is launched in July of the year. Professionals, corporate management and entrepreneurs are recruited to be corporate mentors of the Programme.  Through the pre-job shadowing briefing, both mentors and the youngsters are expected to get mutual acquaintance.  The following 2-day job shadowing enables the youngsters to learn life experience and attitude/value of the mentors in addition to understanding the business of the corporates.  A sharing session cum graduation ceremony also provides a platform for the participants to share their experiences and gains from the Programme.

The Sub-committee on Promotion of Corporate Volunteering has produced a promotional video of the Programme.  You may like to click the video for watching.

Corporates/SMEs are welcome to join the Programme.  Please contact us at 2234 0100 or by email for details.