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Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service

Logo for Volunteer Movement 1

We have set up a Steering Committee on Volunteer Movement since September 1999 (in 2003 renamed as Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service) which is responsible for working out the overall promotion strategies and plans on Volunteer Movement for Hong Kong. Members of this committee include representatives from different community sectors and various Government Departments.

The Overall Promotion Strategies on Volunteer Movement

  • To cultivate a new concept for "volunteer" as a lively, interesting and multi-faceted activity so as to make volunteering part of our daily life;
  • To step up publicity work so that more people can recognize the contribution of volunteers toward the community;
  • To enlist support and participation from different sectors. Our primary target groups for this year are students, youth, corporates and all kinds of community organizations.

In order to launch the promotional activities targeted at students/youth, corporates and community organizations, the Steering Committee has set up 4 sub-committees. The organization chart is as follows:

organization chart

District Coordinating Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service

In line with the implementation of the territory-wide Volunteer Movement, District Coordinating Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service were set up in each of the 11 districts under the Social Welfare Department. The Committee will take the characteristics of each district into consideration when formulating strategies for promoting volunteer service and also coordinate district resources to produce greater impact on the local community.