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2018-20 Best Corporate Volunteer Service Project Competition

Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service of Social Welfare Department

2018-2020 最佳企業義工計劃比賽

Corporate volunteering is one of the major components of Corporate Social Responsibility.  Since 2003, the Sub-Committee on Promotion of Corporate Volunteering has launched the Best Corporate Volunteer Service Project Competition to inspire innovative ideas in volunteering, encourage partnership with different sectors in the development of diversified volunteer service to address community needs, recognise the contribution of corporations in the promotion of volunteer service.

The 2018-20 Best Corporate Volunteer Service Project Competition continues to adopt the theme of“ Innovation‧Cross-sector‧Sustainability”「創新‧跨界‧持續」 to encourage corporate volunteer teams to develop sustainable and innovative volunteer projects to address the community needs, integrate the core values of volunteering into the corporate culture and contribute their expertise in volunteer service.  It also encourages achieving the work-life balance of the employees through volunteering.  In addition, corporate volunteer teams are also encouraged to collaborate with other volunteer teams, develop partnership with different sectors, non-governmental organisations and mobilise their corporate retirees and family members in the volunteer service projects.

1. To promote sustainable and innovative volunteer projects to address the community needs  
2. To inspire more corporations to utilise their expertise in corporate volunteering
3. To encourage the participation of family members and/or corporate retirees 
4. To achieve work-life balance through volunteering 
5. To promote volunteering as a life style
6. To uplift the commitment and implementation of corporate social responsibility through volunteering
1. Each participating corporate volunteer team or social service agency must complete the entry form, describing the details of the project, together with digital photos (not more than 10) of the activities, and return to the Secretariat before the deadline.
2. There is no restriction on the type and format of volunteer project, but the project should be related to the theme of this Competition.
3. Family members of the staff volunteers and corporate retirees are encouraged to be volunteers in the project.  
4. The entry form should be signed by the participating corporate volunteer team with official chop.  If the project is collaborated with social service agencies/ other corporate volunteer teams, or the project provides services to beneficiary group/ service recipients, the entry form should be countersigned by the social service partners/ corporate partners/ beneficiary group/ the principal service recipients.
5. The project should not involve religious, political or commercial promotion activities.
6. The project should be conducted between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2020.  If the project is still going on beyond 30 June 2020, it should have been implemented for at least 4 months consecutively so as to be eligible for this Competition.
7. The Secretariat should not submit any document other than the required entry form and not more than 10 photos to the adjudication panel.
All participating volunteer teams from corporates or Chambers/Associations would be awarded a certificate as recognition.  Different special awards will be awarded to general corporate group, SMEs group and chambers/associations group as advised by the Adjudication Panel.

Scheme Details and Entry Form
Poster (Chinese Only)
Leaflet (Chinese Only)
Scheme Details
Online Entry Form *(New Function) / Download Entry Form (Word File)

30 June 2020
Result Announcement
The result will be announced on-site in the 2020 Corporate Volunteering Award Presentation Ceremony to be held tentatively in October 2020.  All corporate volunteer teams awarded with special prize will be invited to attend the Ceremony.  The result will be also uploaded to Volunteer Movement Website ( subsequently. 
For the promotion and publicity of volunteer service, details of the awarded projects would be published in media and Volunteer Movement Newsletter as appropriate.

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