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Why does my Company need to Join?

What is it got to do with my company?

Do you have a perfect team?

What is it got to do with my company?

Corporate Volunteer Mentorship Scheme
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What is Volunteer Movement?
Click here for more information about Volunteer Movement

Why does my Company need to Join?
  What is it got to do with my company?

  Do you have a perfect team?

  What is it got to do with my company?


How to Set Up and Run a Volunteer Team in My Company?

10 Steps Guide to Set Up Your Team & Create Your Employee Volunteer Programme

  1. Identify Corporate Priorities & Goals: that cab be met by your employee volunteer programme. A successful employee volunteer programme reflects your corporate culture and values, and brings added values to business goals.
  2. Identify Employee Strengths & Interests: through internal surveys, simple questionnaire, or an advisory committee representative of all departments. Survey your employees' volunteer experiences, specific interests, and identify potential volunteer team members, before deciding what to do.(a sample of survey)
  3. Identify Community Needs: say, elderly problems, new arrivals, and develop your programme around these needs.(Existing Volunteer Services Opportunities)
  4. Develop Programme Structure: which facilitates and encourages participation at all levels. Your structure should include an employee committee to determine activities, chair events and reflect employee interests.(Sharing of experiences)
  5. Develop Written Corporate Policies: to support your employee volunteer programme. For example, released time for volunteering and incentives for service are powerful incentives for employee participation in volunteer projects.
  6. Select Volunteer Projects: relative to company interests and community needs.(examples of volunteer projects)(types of volunteer service)
  7. Evaluate your Volunteer Programme: relative to company interests and community needs.
  8. Publicize your Company's Volunteer Efforts: both internally and externally, to the media, senior management, volunteer organizations and partnering nonprofits organizations to achieve greatest impact.
  9. Reward and Recognize: your employee volunteers through external and internal award systems, CEO receptions and recognition gifts.(Award system offered by SCPVS)
  10. Join Volunteer Movement: steered by the Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service(SCPVS). SCPVS, chaired by the Director of Social Welfare Department, will provide you with advice and assistance in forming volunteer teams.

How to Set Up and Run a Volunteer Team in My Company?

Examples of Successful Corporate Volunteer Programmes

  • A gas company prepares soup or food over festivals and distribute to needy persons.
  • An IT company teaches computer knowledge to children from disadvantage families.
  • Employees of a company man the hotline of a welfare organization.
  • A law firm offers free legal advice to senior citizens.
  • A property management company arranges concern visits to the elderly in their housing estate.
  • Members of a company's sports club take up the role as volunteer basketball coaches for a group of young people.

Sharings of volunteering team experiences

Corporate Volunteering News in Corporate Newsletter

Recognition for Volunteers
The Steering Committee designed a standardized recognition system to recognize the contribution from individual volunteers and participating organizations. Click here for more.

The participating organizations can nominate the volunteers under their organizations for the awards, according to the yearly accumulated number of service hours served. Organizations may also be awarded the certificates according to the service hours accumulated by their members. Other awards include Highest Number of Hour Served, Long Service Award etc.

How to Set Up and Run a Volunteer Team in My Company?

More Support in Corporate Volunteer Mentor Scheme

Types of Volunteer Service
Volunteer service consists of interesting and diversified activities. Some examples of the different types of volunteer service are as follows:

  • Administrative, Clerical, Research & Design Work
  • Coaching & Tutoring Service
  • Organizing recreational activities
  • Escort service (e.g. escort service to disabled persons, elderly and children in need)
  • Concern visits (e.g. visit singleton elderly)
  • Manual labour work (e.g. household cleaning, renovation work)
  • Befriending (e.g. serving as big brothers and big sisters)
  • Planning & organizing mass programmes
  • Providing professional service
  • Environmental protection & Conservation Work
  • Fund-raising

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No charge is required in joining the Movement. After registration, your company will receive free support and service in developing your own staff volunteer programme. The best deal is absolutely no obligation entailed! To join as one of our members, you just need to fill in the Registration Form
return to us together with your Business Registration
by fax (Fax no. 2572 5060) or e-mail (

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